Carnegie Hall in 2010

February 15, 2010

It appears that there are non-productive forces that are seeking to destroy the fabric of Carnegie Hall's noble mission and reason for being. We refer to the wanton and senseless decision of the Carnegie Hall Corporation to evict its artist-residents from the building to make way for office space and other useless exploits.

Not only are the evictions not well conceived, on the part of the Board of Trustees, such evictions are contrary to the spirit of what saved the Hall in 1960. It was the revenues from the studio rentals that made the economic situation be such as to permit the venerable structure to be saved. This was the basic truth revealed in the Feasibility Study and Operating Plan that was authored by the late Richard Schulze and which was so graciously handed over to the late Isaac Stern.

Moreover, had it not been for the efforts of all the tenants of Carnegie Hall in the late 1950's and into 1960, there would have been no Carnegie Hall to be saved. The Press and Media were informed about the situation by these tireless and patient individuals who routinely kept the issue constantly before the public. This noble effort was led by Richard Schulze who spearheaded all the effort required to save the venerable building from the wrecking ball that would turn the cultural icon into a mere parking lot!

Now, the present management is ignoring and not following the cultural mandate of the original enabling legislation and also, the aims and objects that characterize the mission of this non-profit corporation that operates the building. No sane individual can state with a positive truth-loving heart that Andrew Carnegie did not intend for the building to foster the arts in perpetuity by the fruits of the artist-tenants that have occupied the building until just recently. What barbarism shall we tolerate by standing idly by while these actions of a governing board seek to pursue transactions in violation of law and culture? The artist-tenants rightfully own the building, because without them, the building cannot function in the black. Thus, the Carnegie Hall Fund encourages the artist-tenants to seek a remedy in a court of law for the removal of the present Board of Trustees and the installation of a new Board representing the interests of culture, art, and civilization in line with the vision of Andrew Carnegie and William Burnet Tuthill, the architect of the building.

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